Il y a de cela déjà quelques années, j'ai commencé, en français, l'écriture du livre qui allait devenir The New Cider Maker's Handbook. Le travail avançait rondement et j'ai montré quelques articles du manuscrit à un de mes amis, éditeur chez Chelsea Green Publishing, lors du festival CiderDays de 2011. Le résultat en fut que Chelsea Green m'a fait une offre de publication qu'il m'était bien difficile de refuser, et j'ai complété le livre en anglais... Depuis que ce travail est terminé, j'ai pu reprendre l'écriture du livre français, qui a parû en 2016 sous le titre Du pommier au cidre.

I am pleased to present to the cider maker’s community this book on the art and science of cider making. The New Cider Maker's Handbook is now available since fall 2013, has accumulated a lot of positive reviews and is becoming the main reference worldwide on cider making.

The writing of this book has kept me quite busy for a number of years, but I think the result is worth the effort. Hopefully you will think the same. I have tried to make it accessible for the beginner in cider making, while at the same time complete enough to be interesting and useful for the experienced cider maker. You will find in there all the tricks and small secrets I have discovered by experimentation and research in a 25 year stubborn quest for the highest possible quality in cider making.

There are in this book a number of texts and discussions, or articles, dealing with different aspects of the preparation of cider. Here is a short review of the contents:

  • Part I is on basic cider-making practices, and is mainly written for the beginners. Before going on to more in-depth discussions, I thought it was important to present a simple, proven, and sound method to prepare a good cider without any distraction.
  • Part II is on obtaining the best possible apples for preparing the cider through adequate cultural practices and varietal selection. As you will see by reading, I believe the quality of the apples to be a most important factor in obtaining a superior cider. Included are recommendations for selecting the best cider varieties for different regions of North America and a directory describing the most important apples.
  • Part III covers the extraction of the juice from the apples. It contains a review of the juice extraction equipment available on the market, and, making use of my mechanical engineering background, I also present a design and fabrication guide for homemade mills and presses based on sound engineering. 
  • Part IV is on the apple juice (the must) and its components. It contains articles on sugar, acid, tannin, pectin and nitrogen, and discusses how these chemical compounds present in the juice may influence the cider that will be obtained.
  • Part V is on cider making itself, the process of fermentation and transformation of the must into cider. This is the most consistent part of the book and contains articles on blending, sulfite, yeast and yeast nutrients, fermentation monitoring and control, malolactic fermentation, and estimation of alcoholic strength. This is followed by a chapter on cider diversity where subjects like naturally sweet ciders obtained by keeving, sparkling ciders and ice cider are discussed.

The Publisher, the editor and myself are convinced this book will rapidly become the main reference on cider making. Many people that have had the book had positive comments: see the What they said page.

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The New Cider Maker's Handbook may be ordered from Chelsea Green Publishing, at the following link: The New Cider Maker's Handbook - Chelsea Green; or from other book stores.

The publisher's web site contains more useful information about the book:

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