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Mon nouveau livre Cider Planet est disponible depuis l'automne 2022.

Ce livre (en anglais) propose une exploration des producteurs, pratiques de cidrerie, et traditions en relation avec les cidres et poirés de toutes les régions du monde. À noter qu'une version en français n'est pas prévue pour l'instant... mais on ne sait jamais ce que l'avenir nous réserve!

Now available, my new book started shipping in fall 2022:

Cider Planet
Exploring the Producers, Practices, and Unique Traditions of Craft Cider and Perry from Around the World


In London at the Guild of Food Writers Awards gala on September 6, 2023, Cider Planet was WINNER in the Drink Books category.

This is a very important prize. Here is what the judges said:

"A celebration of cider, a subject rooted in tradition and history. This is a well-written, very deeply researched and engaging book. Its easy-style account of cider and perry making, from every conceivable aspect, manages to keep momentum and showcase variety. Jolicoeur's story shines a light on ciders and perries and their producers around the world."



Here is a short review of the contents of Cider Planet:

  • The Introduction presents a discussion on what is cider and what is craft cider, a review the most important certification labels as well as regulations, along with a visit to the wild apple forests of Kazakhstan where it all started.
  • A first chapter discusses traditional and modern cider making practices, from the orchard all the way to the packaging of the cider. The emphasis is on the differences and specificities of the traditional and modern approaches to cider making, and how this affects the style and flavor of the cider.
  • Part I: Traditional Ciders contains chapters for each of the four traditional cider making countries, the U.K, France, Spain, and Germany. In each of these chapters, we review the history of cider evolution, explore the traditions, have a look at the important literature, meet some good producers, study the pomology and the most used pommages, and take a close look at how the cider is produced. 
  • Part II: Traditional Perries is very similar to Part I in its form, but applied to the most important regions of perry producton. It contains three chapters, respectively for the U.K, France, and Austria
  • Part III: New and Emerging Ciders and Perries has one chapter for Australia and New Zealand, and one for United States and Canada. These are structured in a similar way as those in Part I. Then there is a final chapter where we travel around the world to discover lesser known cider and perry making regions and meet artisans from these regions. 
  • Appendix A: Acidity-Tannin Balance Point shows the importance of balance between acidity and tannins in the different styles of cider.
  • Appendix B: Glasses for Cider tries to answer the question: Which type of glass can we best use to taste a good cider?


From internationally-acclaimed author and fermented beverage expert Claude Jolicoeur comes a globe-trotting, full-color cultural history and guide celebrating the methods, terroir, and traditions of world-class cider.
In Cider Planet, Claude Jolicoeur—a longtime, passionate cider maker and author of the international bestseller New Cider Maker’s Handbook—takes readers with him to the world’s greatest cider regions, providing an expertly guided tour laced with his deep understanding and appreciation for how this “Prince of Beverages” is made.

Inside Cider Planet you’ll find:

  • Descriptions of global orchard practices
  • Specific apple varieties used in different countries and regions
  • Detailed histories of the world’s oldest ciderlands
  • Profiles of different cider styles and rituals
  • Tips and tricks from some of the most knowledgeable cider producers

Cider, long perceived as a European country drink, is now truly a worldwide culinary delight. Jolicoeur talks about new and emergent regions that have contributed to this growing appreciation, and how they are building upon the old traditions while creating their own new ones. He explores, for example, the most revered areas for making perry, a delightful but little-known drink that, like cider, is starting to gain fans young and old. And he even transports readers to Kazakhstan in central Asia, famous as the “birthplace of the domestic apple.”

Real cider, craft cider, farm cider, artisan cider: Whatever you wish to call it, at its best, cider should be enjoyed like a fine wine, with all of the sophistication but less of the pretentiousness. Just as there are many volumes devoted to the great wine regions of the world, we now need a “cider appreciation” manual to fully understand and delve into the rich culture of cider and perry. Cider Planet is that book, and Claude Jolicoeur is our experienced and enthusiastic guide. For the traveler or foodie, this book transports the reader around the world with wonderful stories and insight that will leave you thirsty for a fresh glass of fermented fruit.

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